Amazon Order fulfilment

Amazon Order Fulfilment and shipping

Amazon is the worlds number one marketplace for selling products online, with over 12 million of their own products for sale and up to 350million products if you include their resellers, Amazon is the king of retail.
Storeship software integrates directly to your Amazon seller account to give you hands free fulfilment of your goods for sale online through Amazon.
We can fulfil your orders from Amazon entirely from our warehouses known as FBM fulfilment by Merchant, alternatively we can store and ship your goods directly into Amazon fulfilment centres for you if you are using FBA fulfilment by Amazon, our FBA service can reduce your storage costs with Amazon as well as ensuring a steady supply of your products into Amazon. We can also accept containers and bulk deliveries directly in to our warehouses in the UK and EU, further reducing costs associated with import tax and VAT.

Fulfilment by Storeship

We received unshipped orders

Once connected to Amazon our system automatically receives unshipped orders electronically, the data is transferred behind the scenes through the Amazon API, advising us of the order details including: Once the details are received, we check the information against our own databases of postcodes and addresses as well as check for any stock or product issues, flagging up any potential problems before we post the goods out, saving our customers time and money. Amazon order picking

We fulfil unshipped orders

Once we receive an order in to our warehouse, our super efficient staff get to work picking your products on the order, we use high tech PDA devices and scan in all picks before the orders can be packed and shipped, this reduces errors and ensure the exact products that your Amazon customers buy are the exact products we pick for that order, our accuracy rate is over 99.98% for picking Amazon orders in our warehouse.
Once the orders have been picked they are passed on to one of our packing stations containing all the equipment to pack and ship your order, all products are once again scanned to make sure we have the right products for the right order, we then generate the postage labels, you can set the postal service you require for your Amazon Orders in your Storeship control Panel.
Once an order has been packed and postal labels applied we then check weight the package to ensure once again the weight is what it should be with our weight calculators, we finally register any tracking numbers to our system and then we take an image of the final packed box and label for total piece of mind and to help with any possible future postal claims etc.

Once fulfilled we update your Amazon order status to shipped

Once we have picked and packed your order, our system then automatically communicates back to Amazon to confirm that we have fulfilled all the line items on the order and then mark the orders as fullfiled.

Amazon Order tracking

We add any relevant tracking numbers to your orders

Whilst marking an order as fulfilled on Amazon we also add any relevant tracking numbers, this includes the Postal company and any specific tracking links to help your customers track their order online.
We can also supply your customers with their own tracking link to follow the parcels progress to their door.

Our system triggers emails to notify customer item has shipped

Once tracking information has been uploaded to Amazon, this triggers an email to your customer advising them that the goods have been packed and fulfilled, it also advises them of any relevant tracking numbers, all completely automatic leaving you time to concentrate on sales.

Our system communicates with your marketplace and downloads orders every hour, once your Amazon orders have been shipped by our team of skilled pickers and packers we notify Amazon that order has been shipped and mark the order shipped with any relevant tracking numbers, our Amazon Fulfilment Service works seamlessly with your online store, freeing your time to concentrate on sales and marketing.
As a Storeship customer you have 24/7 access to our online control panel where you can view all your orders and products in our warehouse in real time.
We are able to integrate with the following eCommerce platforms;

More are being added…

Fulfilment by Amazon Prep Service

Save costs on using us

By using our FBA Prep service we can help you reduce costs and operate a more streamlined approach to selling on Amazon. How our FBA Prep service works? Amazon FBA Prep
Our warehouse are located in the UK and Spain so you can arrange to deliver to the most relevant warehouse, or split between the two, by directly sending stock to us from your suppliers to our seperate warehouses you will not incur additional import duties, VAT or tax.

Our Amazon Prep starts at just 50p per label applied to outer boxes, we even arrange the collection of the stock if using Amazons own transport services. Just send us the labels and we do the rest.

Coming Soon: Amazon customer management including all sales enquiries and customers messages for you, no more late responses.