Woocommerce Order fulfilment

WooCommerce Order Fulfilment

Storeship Ltd offer a fully featured Woocommerce fulfillment integration that seamlessly links your Woocommerce store with our unique Fulfilment software.
Woocommerce is one of the worlds most popular Ecommerce plug ins that turns any WordPress blog website into a fully functional Ecommerce sales website, we at Storeship love Woocommerce and use it for our own online stores.
Storeships woocommerce integration ensures a smooth transition of data between your woocommerce store and our warehouses to ensure as soon as an order comes in we can ship it out for you.

How it Works

Customer makes a purchase

Customer orders and pays for his product on your Woocommerce store.


Storeship Receives the order

The order details are automatically sent to our fulfilment centre upon payment.


Storeship Checks

We check the order details with our advanced postcode, address and product checks.

Products Picked

Our lovely team of staff pick the products in the warehouse and pass on to packers, they scan each product to ensure an error free package is produced for your customer.


Order Packed

The warehouse packs the product at the same time scanning, check weighing and producing shipping labels.


Final Check

Warehouse staff perform a final check of the order and photograph the final labelled package.

Woocommerce Updated

Our system automagically updates your Woocommerce store with the order status, now completed and supplies any tracking number and links to the customer.


Woocommerce emails customer

Once the order has been updated an email is triggered to your customer with shippng details.


Order collected

The postage company collects the order from our warehouse to enter the shipping process.


Customer support

We supply all of our customers with a unique portal so your customer can view his order, track the order and report back to us so we can deal with any potential problems, we take the strain off your business.


Order delivered

For 80% of our customers parcels are delivered next day in the UK.

Next Day

Woocommerce Product Import  Import your products

We can automatically import all of your products from your Woocommerce store into our fulfilment centre software, with one click we can then manage your products in our warehouse including stock levels and locations, our automated product import saves hours of manually setting the products in our warehouse saving costs and reducing errors considerably, we can import all products including variants and variations.

Woocommerce Sync Stock with warehouse  Sync stock

Our system can automatically sync stock with your Woocommerce store, our woocommerce fulfilment services gives you a hands free approach to online fulfilment, we can set up automatic stock sync including adjusting stock when we receive new stock direct from your manufacturers and suppliers as well as adjusting stock levels when we ship products from our warehouse, you can also manually trigger stock levels direct from your Storeship warehouse management system.

Woocommerce Import Orders  Import orders to the warehouse

Storeship uses both webhooks and our own api to automatically import orders from Woocommerce directly to our own in house built warehouse management system. Once a customer has made and paid for an order the order information is whizzed across the cloud directly to our workstations and picking PDA computers in our warehouse, you can filter what orders you require us to pick and pack for you by products or location setting filters of what you want us to fulfill. Our Woocommerce fulfilment centres then get to work picking, packing and shipping your orders direct yto your customers.

Update the Woocommerce fulfilment centre  Update the order

Once our lovely warehouse team have completed your order and shipped it, our fulfilment centre then sends the completed data across the cloud directly back to your Woocommerce store, we mark the order shipped, add tracking numbers and supply your customers with a link to view all aspects of the delivery including tracking numbers, delivery company, photographic evidence of final packaging as well as the facility to book returns and query deliveries directly with us.

Woocommerce Customer Support  Customer Support

Storeship fulfilment can help you with your Woocommerce Customer Support our team of admin staff can deal with day to day queries as well as enquiries directly with your customers, leaving you time to concentrate on sales and marketing of your wordpress store, our professional woocommerce support staff are experts in ecommerce and can quickly answer your customers questions via email, chat or telephone, we can even supply a dedicated woocommerce support telephone number to use for our support services.

Contact us today for our Woocommerce order fulfilment App for your store or if you need help building an online store. Not IT savvy, no problems one of our technical wizards will help with every aspect of setting up your woocommerce order fulfilment service for you and be up and running within a couple of hours.

We integrate with more partners than 95% of UK fulfilment houses and continually working on new partners.

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  • Woocommerce fulfilment customer

    Jan 01, 2023 Woocommerce Customer says : Reply

    Can you help set up my Woocommerce store integration for you to fulfil my online orders for me?

    • Storeship support

      Jan 01, 2022 Storeship Support says : Reply

      Yes, our integration team will contact you in order to set your store up for you, we just need 5 minutes access to your store, you can email our support team a staff log in from your Woocommerce store administration page.

  • Woocommerce fulfilment request

    Jan 10, 2023 WooCommerce customer says : Reply

    How long does it take to set up my Wordpress Woocommerce store to work with your fulfilment services?

    • Storeship support

      Jan 10, 2022 Storeship Support says : Reply

      It takes just 5 minutes to set up the integration from the API and webhooks settings, our quick user guide will explain everything, or we can help or complete this for you.

WooCommerce Order Fulfilment

How to integrate WooCommerce orders with a third party logistics provider 3PL?

The most common way to integrate your Woocommerce store with a 3PL provider is by utilising the built in API supplied by Wordpress and WooCommerce. The 3Pl can either send a request to check for new orders or alternatively you can use the built in Webhooks provided by Wordpress to push order data directly to the 3pl providers in order for them to store and process the order details.
3PL or fulfilment house use the data supplied from your Wooommerce store in order to fulfil your orders directly to your customers, once an order has been shipped, they often reverse the flow of data and update your WooCommerce store with tracking data and trigger marking the order shipped and sending an email to update the customer of the order status.

WooCommerce Product export

How to export product data from WooCommerce?

You can export your product data from WooCommerce using the built in Wordpress API settings, the product data is handy if using a third party Logistics warehouse or an order aggregator if using your stock across multiple platforms.
As well as the API it is also possible to set up the built in Woocommerce webhooks to push the data when changes are made such as stock adjustments and changes to product data, the webhook will send the changes set up to your third party provider.
Working the other way you can send product data to Wordpress/woocommerce using their api to update product status and stock levels etc.

Woocommerce fulfilment questions