Environmental Policy

Storeship Environmental Information


As a responsible company Storeship Ltd take the health of the environment as a serious matter, our waste is minimal with all excess cardboard and paper products delivered to our warehouse either re-used as packaging or baled and recycled into more fresh cardboard and paper, the boxes we receive we re-use as packing boxes or for our own use within the warehouse and excess cardboard is shredded to be used as packing material in our warehouse.

Plastic and waste

We are cutting our use of plastic for more sustainable products, both our mailing bags and boxes are fully biodegradable, we distribute for The Better Packaging Group and use their eco friendly plastic bags that are not made of plastic but are super strong.
As a non plastic company we do not buy in any plastic packaging materials.

The Planet

Storeship plant a tree for every single financial deposit made by our customers, all of our customers are helping the environment, with a running total of number of trees planted and their carbon offset. Planting trees is one of the most eco friendly ways of helping the world cope with industrialisation and damage to the earth, our tree planting campaign ensures future generations can enjoy a clean environment with beautiful wildlife and natural areas around the world.

Trees planted to date: 1382
Carbon Offset: tonnes of CO2

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As a fulfilment house we are already economising on transport by acting as a hub, ensuring couriers and postal services are only attending once premises as opposed to individual retailers who would all require a single visit from vehicles and transportation.
As a postal hub we also send our packages with as few different transport companies as possible, ensuring the groupage we utilise reduces road miles and unnecessary journeys.
Our material handling equipment uses LPG to reduce emissions and the close proximity of both our warehouses ensures further reductions in transportation and road miles.
All orders on our system report back mileage and CO2 emissions on our customers control panels so they can see at a glance what impact they have on the environment.