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  1. What is Fulfilment Storage?
  2. What is 3PL storage?
  3. How much does fulfilment storage cost?

What is Fulfilment Storage?

Fulfillment storage also known as order fulfillment storage, is a crucial aspect of e-commerce and logistics. It involves the warehousing and management of products to facilitate efficient order processing and shipment. In fulfillment storage, companies store their inventory in strategically located warehouses, allowing for prompt order fulfillment and timely delivery to customers. This streamlined process often integrates technology and automation to optimize inventory control, order picking, and packing, ensuring a seamless and responsive supply chain.

What is 3PL Storage?

3PL storage, short for Third-Party Logistics storage, is a service provided by third-party logistics companies to manage and store inventory on behalf of businesses. In 3PL storage, businesses outsource their warehousing and distribution needs to a specialized logistics provider. These companies offer comprehensive solutions, including storage, inventory management, order fulfillment, and shipping. Outsourcing to a 3PL storage provider allows businesses to focus on core operations while benefiting from the expertise and infrastructure of the logistics partner, leading to increased efficiency and cost-effectiveness in the supply chain.

How much does fulfilment storage cost?

The cost of fulfillment storage is based on several factors, including the volume of inventory, storage duration, additional services required, and the fulfillment provider's pricing structure. Generally, fulfillment storage costs may include warehousing fees, pick and pack fees, storage fees, and any additional services such as order processing and returns handling. To get an accurate estimate, businesses should consult with fulfillment providers and consider their specific needs and volume requirements. Prices can range from a few cents per unit stored to more comprehensive fees based on the services provided, making it essential for businesses to obtain customized quotes from potential fulfillment partners.

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Storage Solutions

Let us take the strain off running a warehouse or distribution centre.

Our flexible storage solutions can take the strain off your supply chain from the physical cost of a storage facility together with the following overheads associated with storing goods.

Warehouse Cost




Just a few of the costs associated with running a warehouse for storing goods, why not outsource to experts in the field, our experience together with fully equiped warehouses and storage facilities in the UK and abroad can get your orders quicker to your customers and with our discounted rates cheaper than completing the job in house.
Our storage is calculated on a per item per week basis, this means that our customers know exactly on a weekly basis how much their storage cost will be, we bill weekly to accurately reflect what stock is in the warehouse when it is billed, our storage costs start at a super low £0.003 per item per week.
Use our handy calculator below to work out how much it will cost to store your goods with Storeship, simply choose the product format and qauntity of item you wish to store with us for an instant price for your ecommerce storage:

Storage Calculator

Use this simple form to see how much your storage would cost in our warehouse.

Bonus Storage We can offer additional discounts on larger storage amounts and long term storage including pallet and container storage of goods.

Local, National and International Storage

Storeship operate several warehouses in the UK and Spain and can help with your pallet and product storage.
With flexible options we can adapt to suit your requirements including handling and storage of goods, our warehouses are equiped with racking, shelving and loading bays as well as a vast array of handling equipment to move your goods quickly and safely around the warehouse.
We can offer special rates for larger consignments of pallets and containerised goods.
Our dedicated warehouse in Nottingham has a container unloading bay and as well as the handling and storage of your goods we can offer packaging, barcoding and quality control checks on your goods being stored with us.