eBay Order fulfilment

eBay Order Fulfilment

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  1. What is eBay?
  2. What is eBay order fulfilment?
  3. What is an eBay fulfilment centre?
  4. How much does it cost to ship my eBay orders?

What is eBay?

eBay is an online marketplace that facilitates buying and selling of a wide variety of goods and services. Founded in 1995, eBay allows individuals and businesses to create listings for products, auction items, or set fixed-price listings. Users can buy and sell new or used items in categories such as electronics, fashion, home and garden, and more. eBay operates on a global scale, connecting millions of buyers and sellers worldwide. The platform offers various buying formats, including auctions and immediate purchases, providing a diverse and dynamic online marketplace experience.

What is eBay order fulfilment?

eBay order fulfillment is the process of handling and completing customer orders placed on the eBay online marketplace. Sellers on eBay are responsible for managing the entire order fulfillment cycle, including processing orders, picking and packing products, and arranging for shipping. Sellers may utilize various shipping methods and carriers to ensure timely delivery to customers. Efficient eBay order fulfillment is crucial for providing a positive customer experience and maintaining a successful online selling presence on the platform.

What is a eBay Fulfilment Centre?

An eBay Fulfillment Centre is a dedicated facility or warehouse designed to streamline and manage the order fulfillment process for sellers on the eBay platform. These centers help sellers by storing their inventory, handling order processing, and managing the packing and shipping of products. eBay Fulfillment Centres aim to enhance operational efficiency for sellers, providing a centralized solution for inventory management and order fulfillment. Sellers can leverage these centers to improve the speed and accuracy of order delivery, contributing to a positive customer experience on the eBay marketplace.

How much does it cost to ship my eBay orders?

Shipping costs for eBay orders is based on several factors such as the shipping carrier, shipping method, destination, package weight, and dimensions.
To determine the exact shipping costs for your eBay orders, consider the following steps:

  1. Shipping Carrier and Method: Choose your preferred shipping carrier(s) and method(s) for fulfilling orders on eBay. Different carriers and methods may have varying costs.
  2. Shipping Calculator: eBay provides a shipping calculator that allows you to estimate shipping costs based on the destination, package weight, and dimensions. Utilize this tool to provide accurate shipping cost estimates to your buyers.
  3. Carrier Pricing: Consult with your chosen shipping carriers directly to understand their pricing structure and any discounts you may be eligible for based on shipping volume. Some carriers offer discounted rates for eBay sellers.
  4. eBay Shipping Policies: Familiarize yourself with eBay's shipping policies, as they may include guidelines on shipping costs, shipping options, and any special programs that may impact your shipping expenses.

warehouse for ebay order fulfilment

eBay by Storeship

Storeship Ltd can fulfil all your Ebay and eBid auctions and sales with our sophisticated order fulfillment software and professional packing and shipping services.
We can receive all your sales details directly to our fulfilment and stock control software automatically, this is sent direct to our warehouse staff to then jump into action, picking the stock for the orders and delivering it direct to your lovely customers, seamlessly and without interaction.
Once we have shipped your Ebay order our system then communicates the information back to Ebay, marking the order shipped and adding any tracking numbers etc. You do not need any intervention whatsoever with regards eBay orders, we can do it all for you.
You can send us your stock directly from your suppliers from anywhere in the world, we then check the stock quantities and condition before placing the stock onto our system of which you will have 24/7 access to online, we can even send you stock infomation emails etc when your stock gets low.
Our Ebay fulfilment services are some of the most accurate in the UK meaning you keep a good feedback and can spend your time marketing and promoting your sales while we look after all aspects of Ebay storage, picking, packing and posting.
Our team are dedicated to ensure you receive 100% feedback for your Ebay account, we treat Ebay orders as a priority and will always send them out the same day if placed within our cut off time, leaving you the piece of mind that we will be looking after all of your order fulfilment needs.

How it Works

Customer makes a purchase

Customer orders and pays for his product on your eBay store.


Storeship Receives the order

The order details are automatically sent to our fulfilment centre upon payment.


Storeship Checks

We check the order details with our advanced postcode, address and product checks.

Products Picked

Our lovely team of staff pick the products in the warehouse and pass on to packers, they scan each product to ensure an error free package is produced for your customer.


Order Packed

The warehouse packs the product at the same time scanning, check weighing and producing shipping labels.


Final Check

Warehouse staff perform a final check of the order and photograph the final labelled package.

Woocommerce Updated

Our system automagically updates your eBay store with the order status, now completed and supplies any tracking number and links to the customer.


eBay emails customer

Once the order has been updated an email is triggered to your customer with shipping details.


Order collected

The postage company collects the order from our warehouse to enter the shipping process.


Customer support

We supply all of our customers with a unique portal so your customer can view his order, track the order and report back to us so we can deal with any potential problems, we take the strain off your business.


Order delivered

For 80% of our customers parcels are delivered next day in the UK.

Next Day
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We integrate with more partners than 95% of UK fulfilment houses and continually working on new partners.

More are being added…

Coming Soon: eBay customer management including all sales enquiries and customers messages for you, no more late responses.


  • eBay fulfilment customer

    Nov 31, 2023 eBay Customer says : Reply

    Can you help set up my eBay store integration for you to fulfil my online orders for me?

  • Storeship support

    Nov 31, 2023 Storeship Support says : Reply

    Yes, our integration team will contact you in order to set your store up for you, we just need to send you a code to authorise our app from your eBay account, dont worry we will not need any of your log in details.

  • eBay fulfilment request

    Dec 19, 2023 eBay customer says : Reply

    How long does it take to set up my eBay store to work with your fulfilment services?

  • Storeship support

    Dec 19, 2023 Storeship Support says : Reply

    It takes just 5 minutes to set up the eBay integration for you, our quick user guide will explain everything, or we can help or complete this for you.

  • eBay fulfilment request

    Dec 28, 2023 eBay customer says : Reply

    I have hundreds of products on my eBay store, do I have to manually add them to your system in order for the fulfillment to work?

  • Storeship support

    Dec 28, 2023 Storeship Support says : Reply

    Thank you for your question, our sophisticated fulfilment software can automatically import all of your products including any variations etc directly into our warehouse software, this means we can virtually start fufilling orders immediately and the products are linked between your eBay account and our warehouse.

  • eBay fulfilment request

    Jan 01, 2024 eBay shop owner asks : Reply

    When you have sent an order to a customer for us do I have to contact the customer to inform them?

  • Storeship support

    Jan 01, 2024 Storeship Support says : Reply

    Once we ship an order via our eBay Fulfilment UK feed, our warehouse automatically updates your eBay store with no intervention and this triggers an email to your customer advising them of the delivery as well as any relevant tracking and postal information.

  • eBay fulfilment request

    Jan 09, 2024 eBay user question : Reply

    Can you update the stock on my eBay store for me?

  • Storeship support

    Jan 09, 2024 Storeship Support says : Reply

    Thank you for your question, yes we can sync our warehouse stock directly with your eBay store, we update the stock daily and also update eBay stock everytime we ship an order, this means the stock is always accurate and relevant to exactly what stock we are holding in our warehouse for you.

  • eBay fulfilment request

    Jan 09, 2024 eBay expert question : Reply

    Can I link more than one eBay store to your warehouse management system?

  • Storeship support

    Jan 09, 2024 Storeship Support says : Reply

    Thank you for your question, yes we can link multiple eBay stores to a single account with Storeship, contact our integrations team for assistance and they will help set that up for you.