Green Fulfilment

Green Fulfilment Centre

Storeship is proud to be a Green Fulfilment Center by its very Nature fulfilment is already an environmentally clean way of organising and shipping products around the world, our one point of collection from postal companies and couriers ensure reduced CO2 emissions as well as reducing transportation miles by thousands every year.
Couriers are not attending hundreds of different premises to pick up their deliveries, by using one central hub (fulfilment centre) to collect from we believe we are helping what is becoming a fragile and delicate balance in nature worldwide.
Storeships Tree planting scheme has helped plant thousands of trees around the world, reducing CO2 considerably, we are currently working on other projects going forward including looking at our own planting and forest projects in Europe and beyond.
Our Green Fulfilment continues with our packaging, we use very little plastic in our packaging but biodegradable plant based packaging, this ensures long term natural harmony with the environment.

Fulfilment Recycling Centre  Fulfilment Recycling

We are proud to be able to re-use all of our packaging received into our green fulfilment centers, cardboard is shredded to be used as filler in larger consignments we send out, any boxes that are intact are reused in our green fulfilment centres and as such given a second life.
All pallets we receive are either reused to send goods out or we send them to recycling centres to be re-used, we have also supplied excess pallets to local consumers looking for pallets to manufacture furniture and upcycled products for their homes.

Reduce collection miles  Reducing Miles

As a central hub for receiving parcels and stock from around the world, the majority of our goods are in one place before distribution, with this one stop collection point couriers and postal companies only have to make one stop to pick up all of the parcels we distribute. By using a fulfilment centre you are already saving thousands of miles a year with couriers and postal companies stopping at hundreds of different collection points to place the deliveries en route to their destinations, a fulfilment centre is an ideal hub to reduce your collections and ultimately reduce CO2 levels worldwide for unnecessary journeys.