Order fulfilment is the service provided by third party companies to take over certain aspects of a companies storage and distribution so the companies can concentrate on other aspects of their business such as marketing, sales etc.
A fulfilment centre also known as a fulfilment house is a large warehouse adapted to storing customers goods and shipping them out to customers on demand.

There are several reasons why a company would sub contract their storage and distribution to a third party.

  1. Start ups - with no room or infrastructure to store products
  2. Warehouse costs - rent, staff, power, equipment is very expensive
  3. Time - companies can concentrate their time and resources on other aspects of their business
  4. Price - fulfilment centres can negotiate bulk and better deals on courier and postal services pricing as well as discounts on packaging etc
  5. Expertise - A fulfilment house is an expert in distribution and shipping
  6. Convenience - Everything is already in place with a fulfilment company, no additional set up required
  7. IT - A fulfilment house already has the integrations and IT infrastructure to send and receive orders
  8. Equipment - Storeship already has in place forklifts, container unloads, printers, labelling equipment, racking, scanners and other specialist equipment required for distribution
  9. Postal accounts - Most couriers and postal companies require a minimum order quantity to set up an account.

It depends on what you deem expensive, our standard rate for picking and packing your goods in £1 per order, if you can add that on to your shipping fee minus any discounts we offer on shipping costs then no it is not expensive, with our high volume the rate goes down to just 80p, on top of a saving of average 20p on shipping costs that is just a 60p additional fee to add to your customers shipping fees to ship your orders, saving you the following cost and infrastructure.

  1. Warehouse rent
  2. Warehouse rates
  3. Warehouse insurance
  4. Lighting and power
  5. Forklift
  6. Pallet handling equipment
  7. Pallets
  8. Racking
  9. Shelving
  10. Scanners
  11. Computers
  12. Printers
  13. Label printers
  14. Staff
  15. Phone and Internet costs
  16. Labels and consumables
  17. Storage boxes
  18. Postal accounts
  19. IT integrations
All of the above in whatever country you wish to operate in.

Storeship Ltd are a professional licensed Fulfilment Centre based in Nottingham, UK with additional offices in Alicante, Spain.
Established in 2012 Storeship fulfilment has grown into a leading UK fulfilment house, a private limited company offering e-commerce fulfilment for a variety of industries ranging from small start ups to multinational companies.

  Company registration number: 06835412
  UK VAT registration number: GB973253702
  Spain VAT registration number: ESY8270525S
  Fulfilment House registration number: XZFH00000100040

Storeship operate 2 offices, one in Nottingham in the UK and one in Alicante Spain.
Our main warehouse and offices are based in central Nottingham which is in the Midlands in the UK, close to the main M1 motorway which gives us excellent links to the whole of the UK and beyond, we are just a few miles from East Midlands airport that is the main UK hub for both DHL and UPS in the UK giving us an excellent transport link with the whole of the planet.
Our Spanish office is used for administration as well as a small hub for light distribution throughout Europe.
As well as our two offices we also run another storage company close to Nottingham that is available to supply additional storage space as required.

Nottingham Fulfilment warehouse, UK
Storeship Nottingham map

Alicante Fulfilment warehouse, Spain
Storeship Alicante map

Storeship are licensed by HMRC the government department responsible for taxes and finance within the UK and as such are a trusted business to look after your fulfilment needs, we take very seriously our customers and ensure we get to know our customers for an excellent service and also to ensure we comply with the various regulations and paperwork required to ensure a safe and legal means of companies trading in the UK.
We are a registered UK limited Company and have been trading for over 10 years in the field of e-commerce fulfilment.

  Over 600 companies use Storeship fulfilment.
  Over 600,000 order's shipped.
  Over 75,000 product lines held.
  Over 900,00 product's processed.

We quote all of our potential customers individually, this ensures that they receive the correct costings to make an informed decision as to whether Storeship is viable for their business, quotes are based on product sizes, order volume and complexity of packaging as well as other variables.
Once you have received a quote from us and you are happy to proceed in opening up an account, it is a simple task of clicking a link to register your account, agree to our terms and the account is instantly set up for you.
We cannot set up an account until we have sent you a quote, this ensures we are transparent with our pricing and reduces any confusion once we start shipping orders out.

Storeship fulfilment do not currently charge any set up or management fees in order to operate an account with Storeship UK.
We are completely transparent with our fulfilment fees and are not ashamed to hide them from the public like many fulfilment companies.
We offer all of our customers 24/7 access to their personalised control panel to view and interact with all aspects of their account online in real time.

Once you have an account set up with Storeship fulfilment UK you will have access to our super friendly online control panel, our control panel is in the cloud, meaning that you can access it 24/7 from anywhere on your PC, phone or tablet.
Our control panel gives you access to masses of information and reports about every aspect of your fulfilment experience with Storeship, including the following features.

  View all your order's.
  Add new order's
  Import order's
  Boost order's for instant despatch
  Amend and adjust order's
  View any potential order problem's
  View product's
  View stock
  Add product's
  Edit product's
  Import product's
  View stock logs
  Add user's
  View user logs
  View goods in
  Build and send packing slips
  Export order's
  Generate bar codes
  Generate labels
  Export stock
  View returns
  Book returns
  View account's
  View pricing
  Contact support
  Integrate stores

Plus many many more features to make reporting and budgeting for your fulfilment a doddle.
As our control panel and software is built and monitored in house, we actively encourage our customers to request new features and incorporate them into new releases.

To obtain an account we just have a few basic requirements that are required by law in order to distance sell in the UK via a registered fulfilment house or distribution partner, if you are already selling online in the UK via a marketplace such as Amazon or ebay you will already have the correct procedures in place.

All companies must be registered for UK VAT if they are based outside the UK regardless of turnover, we can help get you set up in just a few days, its quick and simple. This is a legal requirement for all companies not based in the UK to be able to distance sell in the UK.

All products must be legal to be sold or distributed within the UK and EU, we check all products legality to ensure they meet all requirements including composition, labelling as well as morality and offensiveness.

All products received must be free from any copyright or trademark infringement.

No product must be marketed with aggressiveness or illegal means including telesales, spam or unsolicited sales techniques.

Storeship integrates directly with several sales channels ensuring we can seamlessly obtain orders and update orders once shipped.
We currently integrate with the following marketplaces and e-commerce software companies:

  • Amazon
  • ebay
  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
  • ShipStation
  • SquareSpace
  • OnBuy
  • BigCommerce

We are continually adding new sales integrations to our fulfilment services and are happy to discuss with you any specific requirements.

Our automated integrations use API technology to communicate directly with third party marketplaces and sales channels to transfer order and product data between our own warehouse software and your sales channels.
The data flow generally works as follows for each of our integrations:

Connect your account with Storeship to your marketplace or e-commerce store.
We can import all of your products and product data onto your account with Storeship reducing manual intervention, this stage also links all your products with the corresponding products on Storeship that we will use later down the line.
When you receive an order online and payment has been confirmed, our system picks up the order and transfers all the order data to Storeship including order details, delivery information and product information including pricing and any product options.
Once received, Storeship uses the order information to pick and pack your products in the warehouse, we then ship the order direct to your customer who placed the order.
Once the order has shipped, Storeship then communicates the shipping information back to your marketplace or e-commerce software, marking the order shipped and applying any tracking details etc.
Once order is marked as shipped, this generally triggers an email to your customer advising them that the order has been shipped and supplying them with tracking details etc.
Once shipped Storeship takes a picture of the final packaged and labelled product for use in case of any dispute regarding despatch, we also supply a unique link to you that you can share with your customer, this link includes tracking information and the ability to query the delivery and book returns etc directly with Storeship.

Our unique cloud based control panel automatically links in with several despatch companies to automate the process of producing and printing shipping labels.
Some of the companies we integrate with include:

Royal Mail
Amazon Shipping

We also manually link in with several other shipping companies and parcel aggregation companies to ensure the best prices possible for our customers postage requirements.

We charge a fixed fee of £8 per integration per month, this fee covers the cost of data transfer and operating cost of our server space as well as the development and continual upkeep of our integration feeds.
Our servers work very hard in order to capture the data required in order to process your orders as quickly as possible, this processing power is expensive and as such we must charge a fee in order to recuperate these ongoing costs.

Storeship works on strict Pay as you Go basis, this means that you must always have funds on account to use our services.
You deposit money with us, once received we send you an invoice/receipt for the funds deposited.
Every time you use a service e.g. picking or shipping the cost of that is deducted from your running balance.
You can view every aspect of your account 24/7 on our cloud control panel including deposits and all services used, we can also email you when funds get low so you can top up in time to keep the service working all the time.

You can pay your account at any time online or via your own bank, we accept the following payment methods.
Paypal - minus any Paypal fees
Bank transfer - Direct to our UK bank account
Transfewise - A simple and economic way of sending money internationally to our UK bank account.
It is not possible to pay for fulfilment with credit or debit cards due to the card processing companies ban on using cards for these services, this is completely out of our control.

All of our customers have access to a direct phone number for our office admin team, as well as monitored Live Chat and email support, our admin office can be communicated to directly from your online control panel with office hours Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm GMT time.