Eco friendly fulfilment

Eco friendly order Fulfilment and shipping

Storeship Ltd care about the environment and as such offer all of our customers the most Eco friendly fulfilment house anywhere in the world, we are the Green Fulfillment company.
See the following ways in which we work to make our business as environmentally friendly as we possibly can.

No plastic packaging

No Plastic Packaging

Storeship do not use any full plastic packaging when we ship our customers goods from our warehouses, we use Eco friendly biodegradable poly type chips made of corn starch or similar materials, recycled cardboard and boxes, mostly recycled on site, see below :) our mailing bags are also Eco friendly containing no plastic, manufactured from plant material and are super strong.

Any plastic we receive into our warehouse is baled on site and then sent off for recycling into plastic for use again and again.

Cardboard recycling

Cardboard Recycling

We use a 3 step system for recycling all the cardboard we receive in our warehouse
Reuse boxes and cardboard  Reuse

Any complete cardboard boxes we receive in our warehouse potentially have the ability to be reused for what they were designed for, putting goods in, good, clean cardboard boxes we reuse for sending goods out or for storing our own goods in the warehouse, we never waste a good box.

Convert cardboard to packaging filler  Convert

All clean cardboard that our warehouse receives that is unsuitable for box reuse is shredded into rippled packaging material on site, this packing material is then used as a filler for packed boxes, reducing our plastic filler use to zero.

Recycle cardboard  Recycle

All cardboard that we are unable to reuse as boxes or is not possible to use for filler is compacted in to bales, these bales are then sent off to be recycled into brand new cardboard.

Tree planting for the environment

Tree Planting

For every deposit we receive we plant a tree in the world, we are currently planting in Madagascar, a truly diverse country with unique habitats and animals, one tree is planted tin Madagascar whenever a customer deposits money into their Storeship account, regardless of the size of the deposit, this is one way to offset our carbon footprint and compensate for the harm that deliveries do the environment.

Reducing distances

Cutting back on Mileage

Our warehouses are strategically placed to ensure the shortest possible distance between our goods being sent and being received by customers.
Our UK warehouse is based in Nottingham,. Nottingham is right in the centre of the UK, we are a short hop from the M1 motorway that connects London with Leeds and beyond and close to Birmingham and Manchester, our central position cuts road mileage to our courier and postal depots and our out of town location reduces pollution by avoiding built up areas and city centres.
Our Spanish warehouse is located outside Alicante in the centre of Spain, again we are rural and close to road links to ensure minimal mileage.


Combining deliveries

By its very nature you may think that a company that distributes all over the world is bad for the environment, think again, by combining hundreds of businesses parcels in one central location actually means we are more efficient at reducing the environmental impact that transport has.
We act as one hub to receive all goods in, once picked and packed we have just one or two large vehicles that collect daily from our warehouses, instead one one vehicle to 200+ different businesses every day, now that is a massive saving on fuel and pollution, our international warehouse reduces the need for air freight between countries and our long term rollout of warehouses around the world will further reduce CO2 air freight and long distance transportation costs and ultimately their strain on society and the world.