Woocommerce Order fulfilment

WooCommerce Order Fulfilment


Find the answers for the most frequently asked WooCommerce fulfilment questions below

Can someone ship my Woocommerce orders for me?

Yes! There are a lot of companies who can hold your stock for you and ship orders directly to your customers on your behalf, these companies are called ecommerce fulfilment companies or 3PL (Third Party Logistics) Companies, they tap into your online store via secure API's and can download order and product data to streamline the fulfilment process, ensuring your orders are processed and sent to your customers without any intervention from the store owner.

How does a fulfilment house receive my Woocommerce order info?

WooCommerce and Wordpress have a built in API that will share information securely, this information will be communicated by some form of app on the 3PL warehouse management system that controls their orders. The order information will be sent securely and processed, it is important to make sure that all stages of the transfer of data is completed in a secure web environmet with checks to ensure that the data is not intercepted in anyway.

Is it safe to share my order information?

A fulfilment house will require your order information in order to process and ship out your customers orders on your behalf.
It is important to ensure that they have a strong privacy policy in place and all aspects of the transfer of data is completed in a a secure web environment over a secure SSL.
As well as securing private data they should also have in built customer data removal requests and also eliminate any old data no longer required. We use a third party company to store all of our customers private data ensuring that we are 100% secure and compliant with all privacy regulations worldwide.
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Can I manage products as well as orders with Woocommerce api?

Yes. Most aspects of your online store can be replicated across the Wordpress API, this includes customers, orders, inventory and stock etc, as well as receiving data from your online store you can also post data back to your online store such as adjusting stock, changing a products name, marking orders shipped etc

How do I access the Wordpress API remotely?

Once signed in to your Wordpress admin area you can collect your API keys from the settings/advanced links, you will then need to have a script to process and trigger the script to process the data, this can be done with webhooks or alternatively checking info via a cron job or similar, to access the information you can use a cUrl PHP script to request the information from Wordpress or Webhooks to receive and process information when triggered.

How do WebHooks work in Wordpress?

WebHooks are a great way to receive information from your online store to your 3PL provider. By utilising webhooks you are reducing unnecessary api calls and receiving information in real time, webhooks can be set to receive order information at certain stages such as when an order has been paid for or update a product when it has been changed etc. Using webhooks correctly can massively improve your fulfilment operation as orders can be shipped in real time.