Amazon Prep and Storage

Welcome to Amazon by Storeship a preparation service specifically designed for Amazon retailers and suppliers.

Why use a prep service

Storeship are an independent warehouse and fulfilment service based in Nottingham, UK. As an independent company we can give you complete control over your Amazon stock, our services can be used for the following alternative options.

Amazon Prep UK

We can prepare all of your stock ready to be accepted into an Amazon warehouse, our Amazon Prep UK services will help you with problem products such as non barcoded or incorrect labelling as well as repacking or bundling goods to make up additional cross sell products. You can send your goods direct from anywhere in the world, whether that is from manufacturers, wholesalers, suppliers or your own warehouses.
Once we receive goods we inspect and add them to our own inventory so we can track and monitor your products with full transparency. You can then request what services you require us to perform to ensure you receive the correct preperation.

Storage of Amazon Stock

We can store your Amazon stock in one of our warehouses, with Amazon continually restricting the number of products in their warehouses, storing additional stock can be a major headache for some retailers.
Our Amazon Stock Storage solution can help you whether as a full time storage option or just a temporary storage solution for inbound products to the UK. We can receive your stock direct from China, USA, India, Europe or anywhere in the world, shipping directly from AliBaba or your manufacturers, that is also no problem, we can accommodate all scenarios to offer you an excellent rate for the storage of your goods pre shipping to Amazon.
For larger items that are able to store on pallets, we can offer some of the best rates in the Uk for pallet storage, pallets are restricted to one SKU per pallet, smaller items are stored on a per item basis with rates from as little as £0.0006 per item. Contact us for the best rates using our dedicated Amazon prep contact form.

Recall of Amazon stock

Sometimes you need to pull stock out of an Amazon warehouse, such as low turnover products or items that have been flagged as having a problem, we can help quickly and easily receive those products into our warehouse until you decide what to do with them.
Many of our customers use this service to remove slow moving items that Amazon charge a premium storage fee on, our storage fees can work out a lot cheaper therefore reducing ongoing costs.

Barcoding Amazon products

With their specific requests and requirements we can offer a barcoding service for your products, whether you are after set ASIN barcodes issued by amazon or a general fully registered barcode for your products we can help in both sourcing, printing and applying the necesary barcodes to your products.
We often receive requests from customers who's stock has arrived in the UK from China and various other manufacturing countries, only to find that there products do not have the correct or no barcodes at all on them. Often ASIN barcodes change or you want to force a change to your barcode, in this situation our Barcode products service can help you achieve that, we can remove or cover the old barcode dependant on how difficult the old barcode is to remove and replace it with a shiny new printed barcode that we guarantee will scan under all conditions.

Drip Feed stock into Amazon

We can offer a service to drip feed stock into Amazon, we will store your stock in one of our warehouses and just add an order onto our system with delivery details, send us the labels and we will do the rest for you, we will apply the necessary FBA and shipping labels to your boxes and arrange the shipping company to collect from our warehouse, with prices from just £0.50 per label.
We can send in as much or as little stock as you require, from one to one thousand boxes at a time, whenever you need a replenishment we are there to help.

Bundling Amazon products

Amazon by Storeship can help you prepare bundles of products, a bundled product is a new product made up of several different or a multi pack of a single SKU,k they are often used to cross sell or as a discount for bulk buying of products for your customers.
Tell us what you need and we can build, prepare, package, label and barcode your bundles however you want, we will also arrange for them to be shipped to Amazon, so you can start selling in the quickest possible time. Our Product bundling service can be used as a standaolne one off service or sused withour full suite of Amazon prep services.

Amazon Prep Quote

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