Amazon Prep Service

What are Amazon Prep Services

Amazon Prep is a service offered by various companies to help a business with the preparation of their products for sale on an Amazon Marketplace, many of these services use a warehouse to store the stock and then feed it into an Amazon Distribution center. As well as storage, the prep company may also offer other services to ensure the products are prepared correctly such as barcoding, packaging and labelling.

How to barcode a product for Amazon

Amazon have some strict criteria when it comes to barcoding your products, all products must be barcoded and if using an Amazon barcode the barcode must show the FNSKU Fulfilment Network Stock Keeping Unit barcode as well as the product name and product condition such as New.

What is an FNSKU

An FNSKU - Fulfilment Network Stock Keeping Unit is a barcode system used by Amazon for its FBA service, the codes are generated as products are added to FBA, you can then download and print the barcodes to attach to your products together with a product name and condition to ensure you meet Amazon FBA criteria for tracking your products.

Amazon Prep Service

Our Storeship to Amazon service is an Amazon prep service - APS designed to adapt to your individual requirements.
Our warehouse is specifically designed and fitted out to handle incoming Amazon stock, process, label and adjust stock and ship goods out to Amazon FBA centres on a daily basis.
Our professional team deal with thousands of operations a year and we have processed over 1.5 million orders to date.
Whatever your requirements are for Amazon we can deal with them and ensure all of your stock is fully compliant with all of the rules and regulations that Amazon impose to keep their operation running smoothly.

Receiving Amazon stock

Receive Amazon stock

Our efficient and friendly Goods In team are responsible for receiving your Amazon stock into our warehouse, we can receive stock in various formats including but not limited to:

Our handling teams will process your incoming stock and check off to ensure accuracy of goods delivered based on your individual requirements.

Containers of Amazon stock

We have a dedcicated container loading and unloading bay in our warehouse for the speedy and efficient loading and unloading of shipping containers, we can accept your shipping containers of Amazon stock from anywhere in the world to be delivered directly to our warehouse for processing before sending to Amazon, our container service is a great way of getting your Amazon products in bulk into the UK.
A popular service is our direct container service from China to the UK for delivering goods manufactured in China destined for Amazon UK FBA centre's, we can help with all aspects of getting your China produced products via our Amazon FBA prep service into the UK.

Pallets of Amazon stock

Our warehouse is built to handle pallets, from one to several hundred, our fully racked storage warehouse looks after thousands of customers Amazon pallets of stock.
We have a fully fitted loading and unloading ramp for handling pallets as well as forklift trucks and pallet trucks to facilitate unloading and loading trucks whatever the size or configuration. Once unloaded our busy team check for damage and ensure everything that has been delivered is as it should be.
We can accept trucks from anywhwere in the world and have regular deliveries from the whole of Europe direct to our warehouse.

Cartons of Amazon stock

One of our most popular options is cartons received into our warehouse, sending cartons is an efficient way of receiving stock, specifically via air freight for quick delivery worldwide.
All cartons are checked upon receipt for damage and contents and reported back to customers if any potential problems.
The majority of our cartons of Amazon stock are delivered by couriers such as Fed Ex, EMS, UPS and DHL. We can receive them from around the world or around the corner, having so many delivered daily our local couriers always know where your cartons are going.

Loose Amazon stock

We can receive your Amazon stock loose into our warehouse within reason, we will check all stock before logging it and making sure all stock levels are correct, loose packing is good for clothing and smaller items so you can reduce shipping costs by bundling all of your stock together ready for us to prepare to ship to Amazon.

Barcode Amazon products

Barcode Amazon products

Storeship can offer a full barcoding service for our customers including preparing and applying barcodes for products destined for Amazon. Our Amazon barcode service ensures your products comply with Amazons strict criteria for the labelling of products for sale on Amazon both FBA and FBM services.
We use high quality print to ensure durability of your Amazon product labels and place them in a prominent place to avoid mis scans, we always scan check before shipping your goods to make sure the barcodes scan correctly.
We highly suggest removing any existing non Amazon used barcodes from your products before sending the goods into Amazon fulfilment centres to deter the possibility of product rejections.

Fulfilment by Amazon Prep Service

Save costs by using our Amazon by Storeship service

By using our FBA Prep service we can help you reduce costs and operate a more streamlined approach to selling on Amazon. How our FBA Prep service works? Amazon FBA Prep
Our warehouse is located in the UK so you can arrange to deliver to the most relevant warehouse, by directly sending stock to us from your suppliers to our seperate warehouses you will not incur additional import duties, VAT or tax.

Our Amazon Prep starts at just 50p per label applied to outer boxes, we even arrange the collection of the stock if using Amazons own transport services. Just send us the labels and we do the rest.

Coming Soon: Amazon customer management including all sales enquiries and customers messages for you, no more late responses.