Clothing and Apparel fulfilment

Clothing Fulfilment

Storeship Ltd work on a vast spectrum of different services to meet the needs of companies who sell online, one area we excel in is the fulfilment of clothing and apparel, our Clothing fulfillment, Fashion Fulfilment and Apparel Fulfilment services utilise the latest technology to quickly and accuratly store, pick and pack your clothes orders for your customers.
Our custom fulfilment warehouse have the facility to store all types of clothing including the following cloth fulfilment services using shelving and rails for storage.

Clothing Variants  Clothing variations

We can work with all types of clothing and that includes the almost never ending amount of variations of sizes, colours and types, our unique warehouse clothes fulfilment software can differentiate between various types and styles to ensure accuracy when shipping cloths and apparel direct to your customer. We understand that many lines of clothing require different styles, colors and sizes, we can help bundle these as well as help with barcoding and identification for a streamlined fulfillment process of your apparel.

Clothing Storage  Clothing storage

We have the facility to store all of your clothing and apparel stock in our warehouse at discounted rates, whether using our pick and pack service or not, our apparel storage ensures your garments are kept dust free and clean from the usual warehouse filth and operational mess. As well as garment storage for your stock we can offer additional services such as barcoding your clothing, repacking and packing of clothes and garments as well as registering barcodes and producing unique sku's for your clothing range.
Our clothing storage facility includes a clean room, shelved storage areas as well as rail storage for hanging garments, ensuring they are kept in pristine condition and ready for your lovely customers to wear.

T shirt Fulfilment  Types of clothes

We work with many companies who sell clothing online and are happy to quote you for your apparel fulfillment for any type of clothing including the following products:

Get a quote here for all of your clothing fulfilment and apparel pick and pack requirements and we can have you set up and running within 24 hours with absolutely no set up, management or account fees.