Shopify Fulfilment

Shopify Fulfilment Services
Shopify Fulfilment Services

Shopify is the worlds number one hosted Ecommerce platform
Storeship software integrates directly to your Shopify store to give you hands free fulfilment of your goods for sale online.

  • Import all your products directly into Storeship
  • All unfulfilled order will be imported into Storeship
  • We fulfil unshipped orders
  • Once fulfilled we update your store orders to shipped
  • We add any relevant tracking numbers to your orders
  • Our system triggers emails to notify customer item has shipped

Our system communicates with your store and downloads orders every hour, once your Shopify orders have been shipped by our team of skilled pickers and packers we notify Shopify that order has been shipped and mark the order shipped with any relevant tracking numbers, our Shopify Fulfilment Service works seamlessly with your online store, freeing your time to concentrate on sales and marketing.

As a Storeship customer you have 24/7 access to our online control panel where you can view all your orders and products in our warehouse in real time.

We are able to integrate with the following eCommerce platforms;

More are being added…