What is FBA?

Everything you ever need to know about FBA, Fulfilment by Amazon

Storeship - Fulfilment by Amazon

FBA, Fulfillment by Amazon.

So when are you going to need this? Amazon state that they sell it and ship your products. They go on to say that they have one of the most advanced fulfilment networks in the world. Your products are stored at Amazon’s fulfilment centres and they pick, pack and ship and provide customer services and returns.

How much does FBA, Fulfilment by Amazon cost? More than you might think. It’s an expensive option. Let’s face it, if Amazon are going to offer you many extras including customer services and returns you’re going to pay for it. How good is there customer services? Have you ever called an overseas call centre? Bet you have!

When you are a young and growing business you will be looking to make as many savings as possible. Is it not better to give your customers a personal touch? Start off by giving your customers a great customer experience and looking after customer services. You will impress your customers and they will come back for more. You’ll need to do this especially at the beginning of your eCommerce empire. As you grow you can outsource various areas of your  operation to professionals.

Work with Storeship for all your Amazon orders!

You may have been in business for a little while now? You have spent your time making sure that your brand is becoming better known and that sales are starting to come in. You are also starting to wear the many hats required in business. At some point you will realise that your efforts are going to be better placed in areas of the business that make sales happen and not filling packs for customers.

We can help you work with multi-channel fulfilment centres including Amazon.  Indeed, we integrate our systems with Amazon to be able to draw your orders through our simple yet effective platforms so you don’t have to get involved. Sure, at the moment we don’t offer customer services but compare us on price and service and you’ll be very nicely surprised.

Storeship’s Fulfilment Services allow you business to grow quickly. Our warehouse, procedures and systems are all highly tuned with your fulfilment  in mind. You only pay for the services you use. We handle all of the small details allowing you to concentrate on growing your business.

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