Subscription Box Fulfilment

Subscription Boxes by Storeship
Storeship can easily fulfil all eCommerce Subscription services

Subscription Boxes are becoming more and more popular!

If you use this method of sales for your business then our service is especially for you.  As part of your marketing strategy and as a method of product distribution. Once you’ve decided on your subscription items, simply send us your stock and we’ll arrange integration of your eCommerce platform. Most people opt for a continuous subscription so there’s something to look forward to every month, but other options often include a one-off purchase, or 3 and 6-month subscriptions. Whatever you decide, we can accommodate.

Think about the size of your final package. Can it go through the letter box? Best if it can!

Subscription boxes can range from all items including;

  • Biscuits,
  • Grooming Products,
  • Underwear, (Yes, we have an underwear subscription customer!)
  • Baby products,
  • Games,
  • Mystery Products,
  • Books and more…

Make sure you are hitting the trend for Storeship Fulfilled Subscription Boxes!

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Adding Fulfilment Location to Shopify Products

A new addition to Shopify API is the use of fulfillment Location Services, these are designed to actively define what physical location your products are stored in and where they are shipped from.

Our Fulfilment software registers Storeship as a location when you link your Shopify Account with our software, in order to automate the process of marking your orders shipped on Shopify as well as informing your customers of their tracking numbers and other delivery information, it is required to set your products to be using Storeship as your fulfilment partner.

To Add Storeship to your fulfilment service location on your Shopify Products,  please follow the following instructions:


  • From your store’s Products page, select the product to be fulfilled by Storeship.


  • In the Variants section, click Edit in line with the variant to be fulfilled by the Storeship.


  • In the Shipping section, select Storeship from the Fulfillment service drop-down menu.


  • Click Save to save your changes.

Once the above steps have been completed out Automagical software will then inform Shopify everytime we ship your order for you.

What is FBA?

Everything you ever need to know about FBA, Fulfilment by Amazon

Storeship - Fulfilment by Amazon

FBA, Fulfillment by Amazon.

So when are you going to need this? Amazon state that they sell it and ship your products. They go on to say that they have one of the most advanced fulfilment networks in the world. Your products are stored at Amazon’s fulfilment centres and they pick, pack and ship and provide customer services and returns.

How much does FBA, Fulfilment by Amazon cost? More than you might think. It’s an expensive option. Let’s face it, if Amazon are going to offer you many extras including customer services and returns you’re going to pay for it. How good is there customer services? Have you ever called an overseas call centre? Bet you have!

When you are a young and growing business you will be looking to make as many savings as possible. Is it not better to give your customers a personal touch? Start off by giving your customers a great customer experience and looking after customer services. You will impress your customers and they will come back for more. You’ll need to do this especially at the beginning of your eCommerce empire. As you grow you can outsource various areas of your  operation to professionals.

Work with Storeship for all your Amazon orders!

You may have been in business for a little while now? You have spent your time making sure that your brand is becoming better known and that sales are starting to come in. You are also starting to wear the many hats required in business. At some point you will realise that your efforts are going to be better placed in areas of the business that make sales happen and not filling packs for customers.

We can help you work with multi-channel fulfilment centres including Amazon.  Indeed, we integrate our systems with Amazon to be able to draw your orders through our simple yet effective platforms so you don’t have to get involved. Sure, at the moment we don’t offer customer services but compare us on price and service and you’ll be very nicely surprised.

Storeship’s Fulfilment Services allow you business to grow quickly. Our warehouse, procedures and systems are all highly tuned with your fulfilment  in mind. You only pay for the services you use. We handle all of the small details allowing you to concentrate on growing your business.

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Start-up’s Guide to eCommerce Fulfilment with Storeship

What every Start-Up needs to know about using Storeship fulfilment services.

Start up guide to Fulfilment with Storeship

You’ve probably been selling online for some time now? Maybe you are thinking about starting an eCommerce business? We love entrepreneurs and enjoy partnering with them on their business journey!

If you have got to the stage of enquiring about Storeship fulfilment service, you probably have lots of questions to ask us.

We often receive enquiries asking very general questions like “Can you tell me about your fulfilment services?” Most of the information can be found on our website. We have web pages with information on things like; integrations, storage, online selling, postal charges, shipping management and many more. With a little research you can find out a lot of information. We have also written some information which we hope will be helpful.

The Beginners Guide to eCommerce fulfilment with Storeship.

Detailed below are considerations that you must think about before you make your enquiry with us.

Your boxed product.

So how come this is the first item on our list? Well, the dimensions and weight of your final packaged product has an effect on storage, fulfilment fee, packaging and postal charges. You need to tell us;

  • The dimensions of your fully packaged boxed (or Jiffy type bag) product.
  • The final weight of your packaged product.
  • The value. This could have a bearing on tracked or untracked postage.
  • Will your product require outer packaging, jiffy bag or outer box?
  • Does your product have a SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) number and / or is it barcoded? It is very important that we can identify each and every SKU that you have with us. If you have clearly marked SKU numbers and / or barcodes we can offer you more accuracy when picking your order.

Think about how much stock you will be sending us. We can accept orders direct from customs and UK deliveries also. You might want to drop it off yourself . Stock will be dependant on your sales, actual or estimated, and your cash-flow. We will need to find space to securely store your products. How much storage space will you need will be dependant on;

  • How many items in total?
  • How many SKU’s?
  • Dimensions of total delivery (product dimensions X number of products)
  • How many pallets are you sending?

All delivery quantities will be entered onto our Control Panel where you have 24/7 access.


When we have received your goods, we will need to find secure storage for them. We have two very large warehouses so have plenty of space. Some of your products will be placed on a shelf for easier picking. The balance of your products will go on pallets. Pallets are calculated at 100cm X 120cm X 220cm. Shelf space is calculated at 90cm X 45cm X 35 cm. With these figures you could estimate storage required.

  • How many orders do/will you receive every month?
  • How many items would be in the one package?
  • Do you need inserts like promotional leaflets, business cards etc?
  • Will your product require outer packaging, jiffy bag or outer box?
  • How many returns do you expect per month?

We have trade accounts with Royal Mail UK Mail and many other specialist couriers. We use a lot of postage and get very good rates. Our aim is to pass on these significant cost savings to you. You need to tell us your preferred method of carrier. You have access to our Postage Calculator that we would encourage you to use.

How to use the Postage Calculator;

  • Click on your preferred shipping service.
  • Country, denotes which country you will be sending the package too.
  • Weight, enter the weight of your packaged product.

Occasionally a £0.00 appears. In this situation, please check that the shipping service and weight have been entered correctly.


Storeship Fulfilment will be charged per order. If there are multiple products within one package you will find that there is one cost for the first product and a discounted cost for other products within the same package. We will correctly pick and pack your product. Ensuring the correct item or items are picked correctly and packaged in suitable packaging. Choosing the appropriate postage and posting your item.


Storeship can offer you a no hassle method of accepting your orders via our in-house integration.

Gone are the days of having to input your orders manually!

We have a team of in-house specialist developers who design, build and manage our integration processes. We can integrate with the most popular selling platforms including; ShopifyWooCommerce, Amazon, eBay, BigCommerce and many more. An example of the functionality of our integrations might include;

  • Import all your products directly into Storeship.
  • Import orders directly. We will be notified of an order almost immediately. We then pick and package your product, choose the appropriate shipping rate and post. You will be notified of what was ordered, who fulfilled the order and at what time. You will also have a breakdown of the fulfilment fee, packaging fee and postage costs of every single order.
  • All unfulfilled orders will be imported into Storeship.
  • We fulfil unshipped orders.
  • Once fulfilled we update your store orders, to shipped.
  • We add any relevant tracking numbers to your orders.
  • Our system triggers emails to notify your customer that their product has been shipped.

Aren’t we clever?!

You don’t need to have any integration at all. If you are happy to input your orders manually onto our Control Panel, you are welcome to do this. We have found out that human error happens quite often with regards to data entry. Integration is simple and cost effective for you.

Handling fees

There are two levels of hourly rates.

  • Handling fees are for us working on your behalf within the areas of checking deliveries, printing barcodes and attaching to order and stock takes.
  • Specialist I.T. fees. When you need more complex integration or specific I.T. development.

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