Adding Fulfilment Location to Shopify Products

A new addition to Shopify API is the use of fulfillment Location Services, these are designed to actively define what physical location your products are stored in and where they are shipped from.

Our Fulfilment software registers Storeship as a location when you link your Shopify Account with our software, in order to automate the process of marking your orders shipped on Shopify as well as informing your customers of their tracking numbers and other delivery information, it is required to set your products to be using Storeship as your fulfilment partner.

To Add Storeship to your fulfilment service location on your Shopify Products,  please follow the following instructions:


  • From your store’s Products page, select the product to be fulfilled by Storeship.


  • In the Variants section, click Edit in line with the variant to be fulfilled by the Storeship.


  • In the Shipping section, select Storeship from the Fulfillment service drop-down menu.


  • Click Save to save your changes.

Once the above steps have been completed out Automagical software will then inform Shopify everytime we ship your order for you.

Hi-Tech Gadgets Fulfilment

Small Hi Tech Gadgets Fulfilment
Hi Tech Gadgets Fulfilment

Storeship Ltd are a specialised Hi-Tech Gadgets fulfilment company, we have vast experience of handling and posting CPUs, Phones and Hi-Tech brands from Amazon Kindle and Battery Packs to Power Strips and Mother Boards.
Our dedicated Hi Tech Gadgets fulfilment team are on hand to help allocate the correct space requirements as well as labelling and ensuring accurately picking and packing of your Hi-Tech Gadgets.
We ensure that all your delicate Hi-Tech products are safely packaged. Storeship’s warehouse is equipped with all necessary Hi-Tech Gadget handling equipment including dedicated and smaller shelves to save space and reduce any unnecessary storage costs, coupled with our London W1 postal address and bespoke street addresss that can give your Hi-Tech business that extra boost and exclusivity.
With no minimum order quantity we can store, pick and pack all your clothing direct to wholesalers, retailers and consumers, all under a white label and from just 60p per order.
Contact our team today for full pricing and see what we can do to streamline your customer experience.

Some of the items we can ship;

  • Laptops,
  • Chromebooks,
  • Bathroom Scales,
  • Battery Packs,
  • Printers,
  • Power Strips,
  • Headphones,
  • Earbuds,
  • Speakers,
  • SoundBars,
  • Streaming Boxes and Sticks,
  • Cameras,
  • Go Pros,
  • Fitness Trackers,
  • e-readers,
  • Cigarette Lighter USB  Adaptors,
  • Flash Drives,
  • Back Up Drives,
  • Amazon Echo and Google Home,
  • Computer Mouse,
  • Home Security Cameras,
  • Smart Phones,
  • Televisions.

Get in touch today and find out how easy it is for you to work with us!