Amazon Repack Service

Amazon Repack Service
Amazon Repack Service

Amazon Repack Service bought to you by Storeship Limited is a cost effective alternative to storing all your items at Amazon’s own Distribution Centres.

Amazon charge a lot of money to store goods in their warehouses. By using our Amazon Repack Service, you will save yourself time and money. You may need to remove stock from Amazon, get it re-labelled and send it back in. This will appear as new stock as far as Amazon is concerned.

If you need to store goods with us to be feed into the Amazon Distribution Centres, our Amazon Repack Service is what you need, it is efficient and simple to use. Simply send us your request and your Amazon UPS labels, we’ll look after the rest!

Our Amazon Repack Service can be used in conjunction with your Amazon account or used as a stand alone service. We also offer our Amazon Order Fulfilment Service to compliment our Amazon Repack Service.

Amazon is a popular marketplace for selling online, we can obtain your orders throughout the day and our in-house I.T. system automatically downloads them into our own fulfilment software to be processed, packed and shipped the same day.

You can request a quote for our Amazon order fulfilment service by using the form on our contact page or alternatively feel free to call one of our sales staff to discuss your personal requirements.

Get in touch today and find out how easy it is for you to work with us!

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