Beginner’s Guide to eCommerce Fulfilment with Storeship

Everything you need to know about partnering with Storeship Fulfilment Services.

You’ve probably been selling products online for a while now, maybe you’re just starting out on your eCommerce journey. Whatever the case, you have probably thought about having someone take over your warehousing, picking and packing and distribution, usually preferred to as “Fulfilment” or “Fulfillment” in the States.

Making sales is the fun part of any business and we love entrepreneurs!  When the time comes and you find that you are spending more time packing goods and waiting in the queue at your local Post Office you’ll know that is the time to consider someone else taking over this time consuming task and to free you up to sell, sell sell!

You may find that working with Storeship Fulfilment Services or indeed any 3PL (Third Party Logistics) intimidating at first. Let’s face it, you have created your baby and have nurtured  and watched it grow. It’s very precious to you. We understand that. We also understand that you don’t just want to give away a chunk of your business to any Tom Dick or Harry.

Let’s take a look at the advantages;

  • You don’t have to do it yourself. Outsourcing with Storeship will free up your time to let you do what you have proven you do well. Sell!
  • You avoid costs like long term warehouse leases. We’ve already done that for you!
  • We offer flexible pricing, as you grow or go through quieter times, we can adjust the cost accordingly.
  • No more staff required. You don’t have to hire extra people, contracts, sick days, management etc. We have a team of fully trained Fulfilment experts with years of experience waiting to pick and pack your orders.
  • Be more effective. You have the skills that are best used in other parts of the business like sourcing products, advertising and selling.
  • We will save you money. Doing it for yourself is free but at some point you’ll want to get back into your business and do what you do well.
When is the right time to outsource your Fulfilment to Storeship?

Most of you will have started packing and posting your products yourself. It’s the easiest way to start and as such is cheap.  There are a number of issues to consider when deciding whether you need Storeship’s fulfilment services;

  • Are your sales seasonal or cyclical? If you sales fluctuate during the year, you are not going to want to set up your own warehouse as it’s too expensive. We will be able to adjust our service to you in these times.
  • How busy are you? If you are spending your time of packing and posting you are not concentrating on growing your business. By outsourcing the fulfilment function to us you can concentrate on growth.
  • How fast is your business growing? If you are growing quickly you won’t be able to keep up with servicing your customers. By outsourcing to Storeship you will find that we are better placed to adapt to your changing market.
Who should not work with us?

Sounds like a daft question? It isn’t. We don’t work with everyone! We don’t offer the perfect solution for every type of business out there. There are times when Storeship is just not for you. Storeship fulfilment services would not suit the following businesses;

  • Businesses with limited cashflow? Here at Storeship, we work on a Pay As You Go basis. You will need to credit your account when you start with us. We then use these funds to pick, pack, post and safely store your products. You have full control of the whole system.
  • Highly specialised businesses. Perhaps your business uses specialised machinery to manufacture or make your product? Perhaps you are selling over long or over heavy equipment? Although we can customise our services to suit, we can’t promise to be perfect for every business.
What happens when you join us?

Once we have agreed on a partnership, you will find that we work pretty smoothly. All you have to do is make sure that we have enough of your product and that your account is in the black. We accept deliveries direct from your supplier, be they in the UK or abroad. That is all!

You will find yourself with more time to concentrate on growing your business.

We will have already integrated with your online selling platform. This is not required but makes an automated and error free system work. We integrate with Shopify, Amazon, WooCommerce and lots more selling platforms.

What about refunds?

Storeship can handle all of your returns, you can book returns back to our warehouse direct from your customers using our propriety software, Control Panel. We can then either put them back into stock for you or if they are faulty we can let you know.

Can you use custom packaging?

Of course you can. We know that when your customer opens their package you are creating a great experience for them. If your product is packaged well, your customer feels more satisfied with their purchase and will often buy from you again. We have years of experience in packaging and will happily make recommendations for you to save you money.

Remember if custom packaging is important to you, please tell us as soon as you can.

Things to consider when choosing Storeship as your fulfilment partner.
  • Similar industries. Ask us if we have experience of handling a similar product.
  • Similar customers. We specialise in eCommerce fulfilment. If you sell online we are probably the right choice for you.
  • Talk to us about your business. We love business and love talking to entrepreneurs. Let us know all about you and what you do. It will make the quoting process more accurate. Ask lots of questions!

Do not choose us solely based on price. Whilst we want to offer you a competitive quote, we also want to offer you a quality service. Unhappy customers will cost you more in the long run.

Are you ready to partner with Storeship? Ask for a quote and remember to include as much detail as possible.

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